Travel in style and safely

Sturgis, Daytona or Laconia? Whichever rally you ride to, you need to pack well and safe.

Well = luggage that’s big enough to go through the week with impromptu weather changes, and luggage that’s not leaking or soaking up the rain when you’re unlucky.

Safely = luggage that won’t modify too much the geometry of your bike. One thing the MSF course teaches you is that the geometry of a bike does not accommodate itself very well of bulky luggage. Adding luggage on your passenger seat shifts the regular weight distribution of the bike. Bulky luggage offers more resistance to the wind. Luggage can fall off the bike on the highway and become a serious hazard for other motorists.

Brands like T-Bags and Tourmaster study these problems and bring remedies to aerodynamic issues, permeability of seams, resistance to wear-and-tear, ergonomics, etc.

Renegade Sanantonio carry a variety of luggage that can be mounted and tied down safely to your bike, so you ride with your attention ahead… and not behind. Here are some shots.